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Fuel treatment, hydrocarbon distribution:
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For over a century, Rellumix is a French company, based outside of Paris, that has been recognised in the industrial sector for its expertise in filtration and liquid separation.

Our objective is to meet our customers’ needs in complex markets and processes such as Aeronautics, Defence, Marine, Petrochemicals and Nuclear.

The watchword in our work? Impeccable quality. Every day, we put our know-how at our customers’ service in order to provide equipment specifically adapted to each application.

Filtration and separation
of liquids

Filtration and separation of liquids are major operations in all industrial processes. Rellumix designs and produces a wide range of static and self-cleaning filters, coalescers and separators that are specifically created to achieve these operations.


Our equipment meets the specific needs of refuelling in terms of storage, mobility, quality and safety. Rellumix products are recognised by major players in the sector, such as the French Army’s fuel service, Naval Group and Safran.

Process water treatment

Rellumix supports you in reducing the environmental impact of your activities in compliance with current standards. We offer you supplementary services including design, installation, maintenance and after-sales service.

A wealth of experience and know-how

The specialist in hydrocarbon management in the aeronautical industry​

Our expertise extends to many fields. Among them, our experts know the aviation industry and oil and gas management inside out. This can be a complex task and requires reliability.

At Rellumix, we rely on our many years of experience and the quality of our technicians to meet your needs in hydrocarbon processing and aeronautics. This is why we have developed a complete range of equipment for aircraft refuelling and engine test benches.

We design our equipment according to the CODAP and ASME construction codes, all in accordance with the regulations concerning the handling of Jet A1 or AVGAS type hydrocarbons.

We are able to provide safe and appropriate solutions for your application, whether it is a emergency hospital helipad, a military or a ship-borne refuelling station, or onshore or offshore fuel storage.

The range of our customers, including companies such as Total, Safran and Vinci, requires us to be beyond reproach and to continue to be at the forefront of innovation in both the aeronautical and hydrocarbon industries.

A collaboration based on trust and professionalism

Rellumix, the benchmark in water filtration system

​With many years of experience in the field of filtration and separation of liquids as well as in the management of effluents and process water, we can guarantee that your project will be perfectly managed.

For this reason, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your needs are met in a precise manner. Our work with major groups has enabled us to achieve a high level of expertise and to collaborate with partners who have confidence in our know-how.

In addition, we help you to reduce the environmental impact of your activities in compliance with current standards. We offer you supplementary services such as design, installation, maintenance and after-sales assistance.

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