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A 100% French company, Rellumix is recognized in the industry for its expertise and the reliability of its equipment.

Our experience is based on nearly a century of know-how in filtration and liquid separation techniques.

We respond to our customers’ problems in complex markets and processes: Aeronautics, Defence, Marine, Petrochemicals and Nuclear.

Aware of the importance of the importance of filtration for these industries, we use our knowledge and experience in order to propose equipment specifically adapted to each application.


We control our end-to-end marketing chain, designing and producing our modules in-house.


We wish to offer a complete service including: the study of your needs, the conceptualization and realization of your installations, the commissioning, the maintenance as well as the replacement of your spare parts


Rellumix places great emphasis on innovation in its business. We are constantly engaged in research and development to create new and more efficient technologies.

Our project managers and design offices

Our team of project managers and the design office, made up of qualified engineers and technicians, will fully work with you to analyze requirements and review specifications.

As soon as we receive the call for bids, we actively work to furnish all the technical elements required for the project.

Starting with the choice of our contractors, deadline planning and then start of production, we design the equipment specifically adapted to your activity and to your requirements, always in collaboration with your technical director.

In conjunction with our project managers, our design office is responsible for the design of tailor-made schemes as well as the nomenclature, technical documentation and certifications necessary for the realisation of your equipments.

Quality and Processes Department

At Rellumix, we place the highest importance in our quality department.

We apply the following principles of planning, controlling, achieving, and improving with the sole objective of satisfying all the parties involved in our activities such as our customers and suppliers.

In order to do so, a quality control system has been set up to ensure the management of all the company’s activities. This control is the subject of the double certification: ISO TS 29001 V2010 and ISO 9001 V2015.

We set up planned actions for each of our activities to ensure the satisfaction of our partners. The commitment of the Management, but also of all the services in this qualitative approach is included in our quality policy.

We closely monitor objectives’ results in order to optimize internal and external processes . Our Processes department acts as a link between the design office and production. This department is responsible for the manufacturing processes and prototypes our innovations. In a logic of continuous improvement, the Processes department controls and monitors our manufacturing methods within our production facilities.

Technical sales team

​Our Export Sales Representative is at your service for the examination of your international projects. Always in direct link with our business managers, we analyze the technical part of your request while organizing regular meetings between our experts and you.

We propose a technical and commercial offer specifically adapted to your requirements. A control point is carried out at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that our filtering equipment is certified as compliant.

A regular and adapted follow-up is provided post-installation of your equipment in order to guarantee an optimal operation. We also offer a maintenance service and user training for our modules and filtration equipment.

Our sales department is in charge of following up your orders, checking deadlines and controlling shipments. It maintains a constant link between Rellumix and its customers and is always available to answer questions.

The After-sales Service also ensures the replacement of your spare parts by proposing a renewal offer.

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