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As a 100% French company, Rellumix is widely recognized in the industry for the reliability and expertise of its equipment

Our decades of experience in filtration and liquid separation techniques are the backbone of our expertise.

We meet our customers’ needs in complex markets and processes : Aerospace, Defense, Marine, Petrochemicals and Nuclear.

We understand the importance of filtration, which is why our customers call on our expertise to provide equipment specifically adapted to each application.



We have full control over our marketing chain, designing and building our modules in-house.


We provide end-to-end services covering needs analysis, system design and construction, commissioning, maintenance and spare parts supply.


Rellumix places great emphasis on innovation. We are committed to ongoing R&D to develop new, increasingly efficient technologies. 

Project Managers & Design Offices

Our team of project managers and our design office, made up of qualified engineers and technicians, will provide you with full support in analyzing your needs and understanding your specifications.

As soon as we receive the request for proposals, we’ll work tirelessly to provide you with all the technical information you need for your project.

From selecting suppliers to production start-up and action planning, we design equipment tailored to your business needs, in close collaboration with your technical manager.


Alongside our project managers, our design office is responsible for drawing up customized plans, bills of materials, technical documentation and certifications required to build your installations.

Quality & Methods Department

Rellumix places the highest priority on quality.

Our guiding principles are to plan, control, implement and improve, with one overriding objective : satisfy our customers and suppliers.

To this end, a quality management system has been set up to oversee the company’s activities. This management system is certified ISO 9001 V2015.

We plan and implement actions for each of our activities to ensure the satisfaction of our partners. The commitment of our Senior Management and all our Departments to this quality approach is laid down in our quality policy.

We keep a close eye on our objectives to ensure that our internal and external processes are always optimized. Our Methods Department liaises between the Design Office and the Production Department. This department guarantees manufacturing processes and prototypes our innovations. The Methods Department controls and monitors our manufacturing resources within our production facilities, ensuring continuous improvement.

Sales Division

Our Export Sales team is on hand to examine international projects. In close collaboration with our Sales Managers, we will analyze the technical aspects of your request and set up regular meetings for you with our experts.

We’ll put together a customized offer that covers technical and commercial aspects to meet your specific requirements. We perform quality control checks at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that our filtering equipment is certified compliant.

Regular and appropriate monitoring follows installation to ensure optimum performance. Maintenance and training are also provided for our filtration modules and equipment.

Our sales department is responsible for tracking your orders, checking delivery times and monitoring shipments. They liaise with customers at all times and remain readily available to answer any questions you may have.

The Sales Department also offers replacement services for your spare parts.

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