Process water treatment

Process water treatment: one of Rellumix’s top priorities for innovation

The management of effluents and process water is now a crucial issue for all industries, and the number of controls is steadily increasing.

Rellumix has developed several turnkey solutions (Iris, etc.) for the treatment of process water.

We assist you in reducing the impact of your activities on the environment in compliance with the standards in use.

We also offer the additional services of design, installation, maintenance and after-sales assistance.

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Iris, a unique and all-inclusive module for treating process water

From retention to the separation of suspended solids (SS), from the treatment of heavy metals to the rebalancing of pH, Iris’ technology allows the complete treatment of effluents in a single operation depending on the options chosen.

Iris operates in a small space and does not require an additional operator as is the case with filter presses. The water treated with Iris can be recycled, but it is also compatible for discharge into the natural environment or into an urban network.

Capacity: 10m3/h – 20m3/h – 40m3/h (and more with a specific study)

Autonomous and without interruption

Complies with legislation and discharge standards

Retention separation of suspended solids (SS)


Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). Possible options for a turnkey solution: Separation of hydrocarbons, Treatment and retention of heavy metals, pH reduction


Our team can advise you on the right equipment for your requirements and objectives.

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