Hydrocarbon distribution

Longstanding experience and in-depth expertise

Rellumix facilitates the distribution of hydrocarbons and fluids

With over a century’s worth of experience in liquid filtration and separation, Rellumix has perfected a line of products designed for aircraft refueling and engine test benches.

This fields call for reliable equipment offering impeccable quality. Our equipment meets all the requirements, from storage capacity to safety and mobility.

Our equipment is designed in compliance with CODAP and ASME constructions codes, in accordance with regulations governing the handling and distribution of Jet A1 or AVGAS hydrocarbons.

Emergency helipads in hospitals, refueling stations in military, civilian or ship-borne environments, onshore or offshore fuel storage, mobile refueling units, testing for turbojet and turboprop engines : we aim to offer you the ideal, most secure solutions.

Our business also extends to the space industry, with the development and marketing of couplings for the pressurized filing of Ariane launcher fuel tanks.

Our team will help you find the right equipment to adress your challenges, and meet your goals.

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