Rellumix, the liquids expert

Innovation and Quality

Experts in liquid separation, filtration and industrial filtration

Rellumix is a French compagny operating in the industrial sector, sharing its expertise in liquid filtration and separation, industrial filtration, hydrocarbon distribution and water treatment.

We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs in demanding markets and processes such as Aerospace, Defense, Marine, Petrochemicals and Nuclear. Quality and professionalism are the hallmarks of our work.

Innovation is key to our business. Research & Development efforts underpin the creation of new, more efficient technologies. Customers rely on us to match the right equipment to the right application. 

Innovation and quality 

Our Company Strengths

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We value your trust greatly. We’re committed to delivering the highest levels of service and product quality.

Our scope of work is highly complex, our teams have mastered it to perfection. We’ll spend time consulting with you to come up with the most suitable solutions. Teaming up with Rellumix guarantees your project will be handled with utmost care.


Innovation and Quality 

Rellumix brings real value to the forefront

Our longstanding expertise dates back almost a century. We offer a unique skill set based on mastery of our field.

When working with us, customers know that every phase of water treatment, liquid separation and filtration, and hydrocarbon distribution will be carried out with the highest standards of precision and professionalism. 

Rellumix boasts a team of experts in industrial filtration, ensuring quality results, every single time.


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