Val-d’Oise. Cergy: two ministers at the revival

Apr 27, 2023 | Specialized press

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, and Gabriel Attal, government spokesman, came to Cergy (Val-d’Oise) to present the recovery plan for businesses.

La distribution de carburant fait partie des services Rellumix

Bruno Le Maire and Gabriel Attal visited the company Rellumix on Thursday 17 September. Objective: to make companies aware of the 100 billion euro recovery plan drawn up by the government in order to turn the French economy around. (©La Gazette du Val-d’Oise)

“We need to make the recovery plan known to businesses”. Bruno Le Maire, Minister for the Economy, and Gabriel Attal, Government Spokesman and Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, visited Rellumix, a 22-employee SME in Cergy Saint-Christophe (Val-d’Oise) specialising in the treatment of waste water in the construction, nuclear, aeronautical and defence sectors, on Thursday 17 September.

A trip designed to promote the 100 billion euro recovery plan that the State has put on the table to enable companies hit hard by the health crisis and the containment to rebound.

Rellumix is typical of the companies that we want to support through this recovery plan, which is above all designed for SMEs and VSEs. These are the companies that will enable us to return to activity and employment,” the Minister of the Economy said.

Boosting investment

A €10 billion cut in production tax, €1 billion in direct state aid for companies wishing to expand, a 25% cut in corporation tax from 2022, a €4,000 per year recruitment bonus for young people under 26… The government has announced the colour: it is urgent to support businesses.

We have a clear and legible policy: lower taxes,” hammered Bruno Le Maire. I hear a lot of talk about bankruptcy and that’s normal, but the real problem in the coming months will be investment. Companies must start investing again, that’s how we’ll get back on track. The recovery is not tomorrow, it’s today. The credits are available immediately. We need to accelerate the recovery so that by 2022 we can return to our pre-crisis level of activity”.

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